Privacy Policy

The data controller in this instance is Adco Products and ALL of its registered brands.

This Privacy Policy applies to the website you are currently using and the websites of other companies with the group. This Privacy Policy, or a modified version of it, will be available on ALL Adco Products websites.

Throughout the policy below Adco Products will be referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’.

We are committed to gathering, storing and using the data we collect on you in a reasonable and transparent way. That’s why we have gone to great length to update our Privacy Policy, to reflect GDPR (2018).

The Privacy Policy below covers the following areas;

 We offer a wide range of products and services, so we want you to be clear about what this Policy covers. This Policy applies to you if you use our services (referred to in this Policy as “our Services”).

 Using ‘‘our Services’’ means:

Please be aware, that our Websites may contain links to other websites, for example through our Blog. Websites operated by other organisations will enforce their own privacy policies. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policies carefully before providing any personal data on any other websites, as we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the websites of other organisations.


The Personal Details We Collect

This section tells you what personal data we may collect from you when you use ‘‘our Services’’ and the personal data that we may gather from other sources.

When you register for our Services, you may provide us with:

When you shop with us online or browse our Websites, we may collect:

 When you contact us or we contact you or invite you take part in promotions, competitions, surveys or questionnaires about our Services, we may collect:

 Other Sources of Personal Data:

We may also use personal data from other sources, such our self-managed social media accounts. It is our belief that this personal data helps us to:

How and Why We Use Your Personal Data

To offer our services to you;


 To manage our daily operations;


Help to develop and improve our product range, services, IT systems and the way that we communicate with you;


Help to detect and prevent fraud or other criminal activity;


Personalise your experience with our brands;


 Provide you with relevant marketing communications (including by email, post or online advertising), relating to our products and services;


Contact and interact with you;


Manage promotions, questionnaires, surveys and competitions you take part in;



Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies, such as tags and pixels (“Cookies”), to personalise and improve your customer experience as you use our Websites and to provide you with relevant online advertising.

This section provides more information about Cookies, including how we use them and how you can exercise your choices about our use of Cookies.

How we use Cookies

We use Cookies to do the following:

 To continuously improve the way that our Website works

To continuously improve the performance of our Website

 Deliver relevant online advertising*

Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing communications, such as online advertising

 Your choices when it comes to Cookies


How We Protect Your Personal Data

We recognise the importance in protecting and managing your personal data. Below, you will find an outline of some of the measures we have in place.


Marketing and Market Research

This section explains the choices you have when it comes to receiving marketing communications and taking part in market research.

Rights of Access (To Your Personal Data)

Within our Privacy Policy we consider, without discrimination, Right of Access requests. We will also carry out any request for personal data to be forgotten.

That is to say, that individuals have the right to access their personal data and any supplementary information we many hold on them, should they request it.

Following a request we will aim to provide the requested information within a month and free of charge in accordance with ICO guidelines.

However, there may be small administration fee in some circumstances and/ or delays in the disclosure of information, if the request is deemed excessive or repetitive.

We will follow the Right of Access guidelines in accordance with the ICO when dealing with such a request.